"demanding a discussion that particularly white Americans seem so reluctant to have"

New Times SLO, Chris McGuinness (March 3, 2018)


"the mere existence of this excellent film furthers his message and hope for healing and racial reconciliation"

Reel Spirituality, Andrew Neel (January 31, 2018)


"Man on Fire doesn’t posit any easy answers"

Pop Theology, Ryan Parker (January 20, 2018)


"illuminating, thought-provoking tale that illustrates one of the many tragic consequences of America's failure to fully come to terms with, and to truly confront, the racism of its past, present, and its foreseeable future."

Screenanarchy, Christopher Bourne (January 28, 2018)


"This film demands to be seen, to be shared and discussed."

Unseen Films, Steve Kopian (January 20, 2018)


"its highest quality is its unabashed truthfulness"

Slug Magazine, Connor Lockie (January 20, 2018)


"a kaleidoscopic exploration of Grand Saline"

The Young Folks, Nathanael Hood (January 31, 2018)