Man on Fire
Man on Fire
One town's history, one preacher's sacrifice.
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January 20 & 24 - Screening at Slamdance Film Festival


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Grand Saline, Texas, a town east of Dallas, has a history of racism, a history the community doesn’t talk about.

This shroud of secrecy ended when Charles Moore, an elderly white preacher, self-immolated to protest the town's racism in 2014, shining a spotlight on the town’s dark past.

“Man on Fire” untangles the pieces of this protest and questions the racism in Grand Saline today.

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Whether religious or not, each successive generation inherits a history that must be reckoned with. Here is a film that hopefully will encourage you to find a language for this reckoning, and to speak it.
— Elizabeth Prouty, Co-Captain of the Slamdance Documentary Features Program
Joel’s disquieting film explores the length one White preacher was willing to go to remind us of our racist history. Like the Buddhist monks whose suicide by fire raised awareness for their cause, some see his act of self-immolation as a radical protest, others believe it’s a sign of mental illness, some feel it’s the ultimate sacrifice. At a time when we’re grappling to define a collective history, this story illustrates how difficult it is to find common language, let alone common ground.
— Lois Vossen, Independent Lens Executive Producer



Joel Fendelman - Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor  

James Chase Sanchez - Producer

Sandra Bertalanffy - Producer of Marketing & Distribution

Gil Talmi - Music Composer



Sullivan Rauzi - Producer

Garret Forbes - Assistant Director

Caleb Kuntz -  Cinematographer

Will Harrell - Sound Design

Joseph Bowman - Production Design

Ron Blanton - Actor (Charles Moore)

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